Our Specialties

in Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) and Design & Build.

Basic design engineering

Basic design engineering for FSSE system base on NFPA standard approval


Drawing (layout, PNID, schematic drawing, single line diagram).

Engineering services & solution

Services & solution (supervision work, installation service, commissioning, integrity test).

Inspection & material function test

Inspection & material function test.

System construction

System construction (installation, programming, commisioning, training).

Technical Data

Technical data and evaluation.

Engineering calculation report

Engineering calculation report (design concentrate, hydraulic calculation).

Engineering TA & services

Technical Assistant & services (supervision work, commissioning, training, programming).

Material warranty supplied

Material warranty supplied.

Design & build

Design & build.

Engineering document

Engineering document & report.

Re-value engineering

Re-value engineering (system efficiency & effectiveness, budgetary).

Material & equipment supply

Material & equipment supply.

Project management services

Project management services (planning, implementation, monitor, controlling).

And many more

Wide range of our specialties in EPC and Design & Build.

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