CHEMGUARD fire suppression foam concentrates, systems, mobile equipment, and specialty hardware, meet the needs of demanding applications around the globe. Our advanced R&D, engineering/design expertise, quality manufacturing, and unmatched customer support makes CHEMGUARD foam concentrates and hardware the products of choice for municipal, industrial, civil and military fire protection operations.

CHEMGUARD fluorosurfactant specialty chemicals are suitable for use in a wide range of industrial and manufacturing applications. Unparalleled in their wetting and leveling power in both water-based and solvent-borne systems, our powerful fluorosurfactants can achieve low surface tension, high wetting, and excellent thermostability.

Foam Chambers

CHEMGUARD® foam chambers are air-aspirating foam discharge devices that are used to protect various types of flammable liquid storage tanks including open top floating roof tanks and cone roof tanks with or without internal floaters. Additional applications include most types of open tanks where flammable liquid products are involved.

Horizontal Bladder Tank

CHEMGUARD Bladder Tank is one component of a balanced pressure proportioning system. CHEMGUARD Bladder Tanks require only a pressurized water supply for operation. No other external power is required. They can be used with one or more CHEMGUARD proportioners and any suitable discharge device to create a complete the foam system. CHEMGUARD Bladder Tanks can be used with most CHEMGUARD foam concentrates.