Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels

Simplex 4010ES Fire Alarm Control Panel

Product Description

The Simplex 4010ES fire alarm system is a highly flexible and powerful 1,000-point addressable analog system for small- to mid-sized facilities. Unlike many systems of this size, points can be used for detectors, modules or manual stations as needed to meet the requirements of each building.

Labor-saving features such as device-level ground fault isolation and almost dirty smoke sensor status reports reduce installation time for electrical contractors and allows for proactive maintenance to be scheduled at one-time to help eliminate unwanted nuisance alarms for owners and end-users.




    • Scalable for growing needs

      With a 250 point base configuration that expands to 1,000 points, the 4010ES is ideally suited for mid-sized facilities like hotels and motels, hospitals, clinics, retail stores, schools, data management centers and commercial buildings. The 4010ES can handle the needs of your facility today and grow as you do.


    • IP networking offers speed and flexibility at every stage

      ES Net IP networking technology unlocks powerful benefits for life safety systems. Faster data rates and a wide range of wiring media choices delivers greater efficiency in installation, operation and maintenance. And because IP is a standard, proven technology, as it continues to evolve over time, so will ES Net, making your life safety network more resilient and future-proof.​


    • TrueAlert ES the industry’s most advanced line of intelligent, fully addressable notification appliances and speakers

      Constant electronic supervision of each device and revolutionary self-testing capability help ensure that appliances will work when needed and enable building owners to avoid tedious and potentially expensive after-hours manual testing.​


    • Suppression release

      Compatible with the full range of SIMPLEX suppression release peripherals and maintenance switches, the 4010ES is a flexible solution for controlling single or multi-hazard suppression systems.


    • Use TrueAlarm Addressable Sensors

      The 4010ES system can control Simplex’s industry-leading TruaAlarm addressable sensors.


  • Emergency Voice Communication

    In conjunction with a standalone Simplex 4003EC voice control panel, the 4010ES can be part of a large Emergency Communications or Mass Notification System.