FM-200 Gas Suppression System

Product Description

HYGOOD FM-200 systems are accepted as providing reliable and effective fire protection solutions for high value assets, processes and locations, as well as the people who work in these protected areas

The FM-200 Clean Agent is a colorless, odorless, non-contaminating gaseous fire protection agent. Electrically non-conductive, FM-200 works by removing heat from a fire so that combustion cannot be sustained. The decision to use FM-200 can be based on a number of key factors: it is the most widely used of the chemical replacements for Halon 1301 and it is an agent that has been used to successfully protect tens of thousands of high-technology facilities in 70 countries around the world.

Extensively tested, FM-200 systems are proven safe for use in occupied areas. They are designed using bespoke software, which accurately calculates the amount of FM-200 required for the protected space. The target concentration of FM-200 in an identified protected volume is matched to international standards, which themselves are the result of extensive and repeated fire tests, to match design to fire protection performance.

FM-200 Piston Flow Systems – Going the distance for you

The HYGOOD FM-200 Piston Flow Clean Agent Fire Suppression System is designed to deliver FM-200 agent.

The FM-200 Piston Flow System was developed to be able to locate containers further away from the protected area where flexible designs and longer pipe lengths are required.

The system consists of a super-pressurized FM-200 container and a separate nitrogen container to enhance the discharge of the agent. The additional nitrogen supplied prevents a rapid decline of pressure within the FM-200 container and allows for the FM-200 agent to travel over a longer distance/pipe length.

To find out how is works, please see the video below.

Key features of the system include

  • Discharges FM-200 agent in a nominal 10 seconds over distances of more than 100 meters
  • Protection of multiple hazards from a single container location
  • Designed to help protect critical assets and processes
  • Safe to use in occupied areas
  • UL and ULC Approved