Horizontal Bladder Tank

Product Description

The CHEMGUARD bladder tank is a steel pressure vessel, which stores a foam concentrate within an elastomeric bladder. The concentrate is discharged from the tank by incoming water applying pressure to the bladder. This applied energy is transferred to the concentrate, supplying pressurized concentrate to the proportioner (Proportioners are separate items described on a separate data sheet).

Trim Piping and Connections
CHEMGUARD bladder tanks are available in horizontal models up to 3,000 gal (11,356 L). All models feature top discharge foam concentrate connections and the option to pipe using either grooved or NPT threaded connections. Adapters for flanged connections are available separately. Trim piping is available in brass or stainless steel. All valves are clearly identified by permanently attached nameplates and can be secured in position with included ring pins and tamper seals.

Protective Coatings
All CHEMGUARD bladder tanks feature a high-build epoxy internal coating. Exterior paint is available in two grades: Standard and Corrosion-Resistant Epoxy (Epoxy CR). Paint systems used on CHEMGUARD bladder tanks have been subjected to and passed salt spray corrosion testing per ASTM B117-90. Standard paint has been tested to a minimum of 240 hours in accordance with UL 162, UL Subject 139, and FM 5130. Epoxy CR paint has been tested to a minimum of 3,000 hours and is suitable for marine and offshore use.

Support and Mounting
Horizontal tanks are supported by two saddles with slotted holes for mounting.