Addressable Fire Alarm

Control Panels

Johnson Controls Detect 360 Area of Refuge System

The Detect360 Area of Refuge Communications System provides a reliable and effective code-compliant Area of Refuge solution that enables occupants to remain safe and stay informed, and provides the information rescuers need to get them quickly evacuated …

Simplex 4003EC Small Voice Panel

The Simplex 4003EC Small Voice Panel is an advanced emergency voice/alarm communications panel that can serve as a multi-function voice control panel for single building applications, or form part of a large Emergency Communications or Mass Notification system

Simplex 4004R Suppression Release Panel

The Simplex 4004R is a two-hazard releasing system that incorporates big-panel features into a small and cost-effective package. Its dual hazards can be programmed to provide an agent release for one hazard and preaction or deluge for the other, giving a high degree of flexibility and protection

Simplex 4006 Fire Alarm Control Panel

Simplex 4006 Series fire alarm control panels are ideal for smaller facilities that require from five to ten initiating device circuits and four notification appliance circuits. The panel includes a built-in DACT for easy connection to contral station monitoring, a 2×20 character display, and multi-function keypad

Simplex 4007ES Fire Alarm Control Panel

Simplex fire alarm solutions are trusted the world over, helping protect millions of people every day in large facilities that range from hospitals, hotels and universities to airports, office buildings and sky scrapers …

Simplex 4010ES Fire Alarm Control Panel

The Simplex 4010ES fire alarm system is a highly flexible and powerful 1,000-point addressable analog system for small- to mid-sized facilities.  Unlike many systems of this size, points can be used for detectors, modules or manual stations as needed to meet the requirements of each building …

Simplex 4100ES Fire Alarm Control Panel

4100ES addressable fire alarm control panels support up to 2,500 points, fire alarm and emergency voice communication, self-testing notification appliances and IP based networking. With scalable architecture and future-proof design, 4100ES panels are ideal for medium to large facilities and multi-building campus style networks …